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Digital footprint, or digital detritus?

Hmmmm….. not sure I am quite as savvy as it would lead you to believe. Here’s the link to the quiz. ¬†I had some ‘once-in-a-whiles’ that probably got me more credit than I deserve. Some aspects of technology have definitely become normalized in my classroom. A teacher-on-call that had been in for me last month …

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Death of the textbook?

Last week, I decided that I should probably dust of the textbook for my Humanities 8 course and help the students develop some skills for handling that style of text. I must confess I was feeling somewhat…guilty…for neglecting the book. Isn’t it supposed to be the backbone of the classroom? Was I just avoiding, like …

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Twilight of the lecture

It would be worth the time for all involved in the education system to read the article from¬†Harvard Magazine, Twilight of the Lecture. There is a lot to write about here. The topic works with what I have been thinking a lot about today. I teach Geography 12. I was mentioning to a colleague today …

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Ask about quality education

Today, I read an article by the Globe and Mail titled, Canadian schools falling behind in online learning, report says. I work in a small rural town where providing access to a variety of senior courses is challenging. We are asking a lot of questions and working toward a variety of options for quality programming …

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