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Why Twitter is GREAT Pro-d; Video

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Straight A Students, Zealots and Rebels with a Cause

A few random thoughts to round out the week PLC/RTI I traveled to Vancouver this week to attend the PLC conference. We wandered up and down Robson Street while we waited for the evening keynote address. I think I have been somewhat starved of the sights of the city – the richness, diversity, the excess. …

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Genius Hour – counterintuitive but feels right

This week I took a slightly different approach to Genius Hour (for a description, go here). Some of the students had expressed an interest in learning to knit. Another had mentioned wanting to get better at playing guitar. I brought in some resource people – one student’s Granny (the knitter), and a few senior students …

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Working with students to help them be self-directed

A colleague sent me the link to this blog by Darcy Moore. Here’s my second instalment. I am working my way through the list, answering each one, in no particular order. Here’s what Darcy wrote: I have never had a parent ask me any of the questions listed below, except, perhaps, the one about ‘happiness’ in a …

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A few student Bitstrips on Genius Hour

We have been working on Genius Hour for about 4 class periods. Last day, I asked the students to create a Bitstrip explaining what they had been up to, and what they have planned for the future. I will be including it in a report home this week. I purchased two classrooms through Bitstrips for Schools. …

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Wait for it…

Wait time has always been one of my big challenges. I sometimes feel useless while I wait for them to complete something. I have to talk myself away from the front of the class and give them the space to think. I feel the need to use every moment of the period. It sometimes gets …

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What’s the point, if it’s not for marks?

Today when I introduced Genius Hour, I was a little iffy. Looking around the room, I could see all that could go wrong. That student will head for a computer and log onto an online game. That student has a hard time finding ideas, when presented with choice. That student only wants to research Justin …

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Genius Hour

Gotta work this out. Might as well do it here. If anybody has any thoughts, I plan to launch this Friday. I’ll also keep you posted on how it goes. I am excited about what this kind of freedom can mean for learners. As I blogged before, I have done this kind of work through …

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