Why am I doing this?

….Post 3 of my Project 365!

Why am I doing this? I ask myself this question in my classroom a lot. Sometimes I have an answer I  like. Sometimes I don’t.

Being deliberate is not always a luxury I have, but the longer I teach, the easier it gets.

What are the goals of this blog?

I want to collect thoughts in a concrete fashion. I want to dig into my concerns, unpack ideas. I hope clarity will arrive.

I want to write. I teach writing, and encourage students to write daily, but I end up modelling writing for my students only three or four times a year. I need to practice what I preach.

I want to share projects, assessments, units. I believe in sharing and collaborating in order to create the best learning for students (and teachers).

I want to have an honest conversation with other educators (and myself) about the realities of teaching and learning. I am not sure I can do this. I am supposed to have it all figured out, right? I am supposed to meet, every minute of the day, the ideal image of the ever-sensitve, deliberately thoughtful, creative, work-’til-I bleed educator.  And blog about it.

I am back to practice what I preach. I talk to my students constantly about authentic voice. Will I find mine in this public place?

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