What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE are hiding from the world

This TED talk came to me via @chrkennedy.

It’s chilling, and to use a word my students overuse – creepy.  This week my History 12 students and I were discussing the East German secret police and the incredible lengths to which they went in order to peer into and sabotage people’s lives. I am looking for a good site or source to help my students come to terms with the kinds of security breaches they could face in the 21st Century, both from a level of goverment, but also from hackers and business people. Let me know if you find anything and I will also keep looking. 

 It is a good reminder  that I need to search beyond the sources that confirm my own beliefs. It is a good thing to be uncomfortable, to be challenged, to see other points of view.


Have a good weekend!

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