What do you love?

We did some more goal setting in my Grade 8 class today. Last week, I asked the students to set goals for themselves as learners in 2012. When I read over their journals on the weekend, I noticed that all of the goals were pretty general:

  • Work very hard and get everything done.
    Learn faster.
    Get better grades.
    Pass school.
    Get As in school.
    Do my best in school. Lose weight.
    Focus, work hard, get along with others.

Today, I had the AO and also a community worker in to talk about being specific about their goals. I modeled that I could change my general goal – To get better at asssessment – to I will buy and read one or two books on assessment and I will write about what I am learning. The students will sharpen their goals over the next day or so and then do a Bitstrip one panel comic with themselves and their specific goals as part of their journal work.

Of course, I have quite a few blank entries in student journals as well. Lots of students don’t know what goals they might set for themselves. Maybe they have yet to imagine what a goal might be for. I was wondering if a video project based on GOOD’s What do you love might help them mine their interests for reasons to do well and to live well.


One thing I love is Good.is

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