It’s more fun to drive

It’s more fun to drive than it is to get pulled around.

I ran into this quote yesterday while reading this Forbes article on How to Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps), by Jessica Hagy. I loved the article, especially how some of the diagrams made me giggle. My favourite:

Of course, this cycle happens to be one of my favourites for a blizzardy winter day, if you add in some reading and surfing the net. Not a lot of fun, though, if that’s all you ever do!

Back to the quote:

It’s more fun to drive than it is to get pulled around.

My Grade 8s and I have been talking a lot about how they should be more deliberate – they won’t find their graduation certificate on the ground on their way into a 7/11.

We need to do things on purpose, not by accident. You don’t want to accidentally get addicted to drugs. You don’t want to accidentally end up dating someone, or heaven forbid marrying them. You don’t want to accidentally do nothing with your life.

Passions must be found!! Goals must be set!! Plans made!! Binders organized!! Calendars filled in!! Skills developed!! Get into the driver’s seat of your very own car!! It’s a metaphor!!

I got a little lectury today.

One of the guys thought graduating by accident seemed just the ticket. I suppose it is better than accidentally failing high school. It is for sure better than purposely failing high school. I have seen a lot of students actually work really hard at doing nothing.

The other images from the article I loved were:

There is nothing boring on this planet.

Hopefully, as I go exploring on this blog, I will feel more like I am driving, and less like I am getting pulled around! Smart!

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