Genius Hour

Gotta work this out. Might as well do it here. If anybody has any thoughts, I plan to launch this Friday. I’ll also keep you posted on how it goes. I am excited about what this kind of freedom can mean for learners. As I blogged before, I have done this kind of work through the multigenre research projects and really appreciated some of the work that was produced when the students had choice over topic.

Welcome to the

Humanities 8 Genius Hour!

One hour a week, you will have a chance to learn anything you want to learn. Okay, well, let’s not go that far. School appropriate! After that -whatever you want to work on.

Think knowledge and skill.

We have about 18 weeks left in our year -that means you will have at least 18 hours to work on your own interests.

Think about what you would like to do with this time.

I have three requirements:

  • Be in charge of your own learning.
  • Be productive.
  • Report to the class and your parents/guardians.


This is the first time I have done this, so we will figure this out together. I will report on WHAT you do. We have to be accountable for what we do here. So, if you are working hard on learning something, I will put that on your reports home. If you are wasting the time (and I don’t think you will), I will report that, too. However, I am not going to MARK your work. You will write and talk about what you learn, and I will assess your presentations.

What can you do?

It’s pretty endless. I think I am not going to make a list, because I don’t want to direct what you do.

Have fun, and ENGAGE!!

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