Why I love my job (today’s reasons)

Block One: Consumerism, environmental damage. Desertification. What does it mean to be human? Anti-utopia and dystopia. Social change over the last 100 or so years in Canada. Text: WALL-E.

Block Two: How does Geography impact culture, the economy, history? What does the word civil mean? What did the explorers mean when they stated a place was ‘uncivilized’? Bias. Ethnocentrism. Text: Guns, Germs and Steel; Episode One.

Block Three: A tour of the website. Absolute and relative location. Finding coordinates on a map, the Greenwich Meridian. The South Pole.

Block Four: An animated video (below), just for fun, and Grade 8s giggling and giggling and asking to see it again. A look at some samples of stop motion animation for Genius Hour projects. A walk around the block for DPA and 20 minutes of The Outsiders.

It does not get any better than this.

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