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Real Education Improvement Actions, Part One

Here is my Bill- Education Improvement Actions That Work Act One: Deep, not Drive-by, Professional Development (or what teachers are already doing all over the place) a. The Travelling Road Show: There are some amazingly innovative and inspiring educators in our province – around the world, in fact. They have so much to offer. In …

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What I’d like to hear from my leaders

It is hard to get excited by blogging today. I feel quite exhausted after watching the twitter feed, reading Bill 22, and trying to imagine where this is all going. I watched the Premier (on the legislative channel) all worried about how students were not given report cards. This on a day when I called …

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#NothingButPositiveTweets Blog

Okay, a nothing but positive blog post, via John Stumpenhorst, The Nerdy Teacher‘s advice that we tweet nothing but positive tweets this week. Today, I had a great, if somewhat chaotic, chat with students about the economy (the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, currency, medium of exchange, subsistence, trade economy, status goods, …

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But then I deleted it

What am I going to blog about? What I want to blog about is the strike, the escalation, the demonstration, the possible walkout…. I find that hard. I don’t like talking about what teachers deserve because we work so hard. Of course we do. But I expect no less than that from myself. Well, I …

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Thinking about themselves as learners, collaborators

I was reading on Luke E-Learning Blog about his struggles to mark collaborative work. It is worth a read -here’s an excerpt: I tried to comment on his blog, but my Word Press ID wasn’t working. I was mentioning that I had been reflecting on something similar on my blog post on assessing oral language. …

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Sick and tired, and Keep Moving Forward!

Sick and tired. I experienced the perfect storm of circumstances – sick kids (mine), sick kid (friend’s), sick kids (students). Stress, both personal and professional. A couple of bad nights of sleep and by this morning, voila!, chest cold and headache. I went to school so I would not miss out on my double block …

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Real-real work

I was recently reading Chris Kennedy’s post on how his teaching has changed. I really appreciated the three different styles of teaching/learning situations that he outlines – basically, sage on the stage, real-fake situations like simulations, and real-real situations in which students create real products that are presented in the real world. It came to …

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I Paint video – Awesome!

I shared this with students today. In one class I did a quick lesson on how when we are viewing, we are thinking. We did a quick whip around to get a sense of everyone’s thoughts. In another class, I just mentioned that we get the opportunityto be amazing in our lives, which is an …

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Great teachers easily do this

Ran into a blog by Justin Tarte on some of the qualities of a good teacher. I didn’t really quibble with much of what he had to say, although sometimes these kinds of lists make me uncomfortable. I have met a lot of incredible educators, and they all brought their very unique selves to the …

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Working with students to help them be self-directed

A colleague sent me the link to this blog by Darcy Moore. Here’s my second instalment. I am working my way through the list, answering each one, in no particular order. Here’s what Darcy wrote: I have never had a parent ask me any of the questions listed below, except, perhaps, the one about ‘happiness’ in a …

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