Today, I was winning

I’m having a hard time keeping my mind focused on writing a blog post right now. I have Jann Arden in the speakers, wine in the glass, and am prepping for a fundraiser dinner tomorrow for my favourite NDP leadership hopeful, Nathan Cullen. My partner is on the road, dropping kids off, and picking them up, so the music choices have been all mine. I am hoping no one was out sledding on the lake an hour ago, while I danced to the blasting stereo and Melissa Ethridge’s, Never Enough. No bad songs on that one, and fun to sing at the top of my lungs.

Today, I was winning. In one class, the conversations were edging toward something deep. The students gave me the privilege (and each other) of seeing into their ideas – not bad for week one. A highly resistant student (and I cannot overstate this enough) did not leave the class anyway when I told him it was not a good time to use the bathroom. He thanked me when he left the classroom at the end of the period. I thanked him back. YES! In another class, I convinced some more highly resistant readers to go with me on a read through the introduction to the BC First Nations 12 text, and managed to connect it to their lives. Half the class was missing. Too bad, but I was still on the plus side of that one.

One very quiet student already finished her first project for Genius Hour. She wrote a Power Point on FASD. We talked about how she could take that information and make it accessible to other people through posters or leaflets. I was pleased to be able to see into what is important to her. I couldn’t have seen that if I was in charge of what she was doing. Another student who still won’t make eye contact after five months spoke to me about what he might choose to do. We didn’t figure it out, and he didn’t look at me at all, but still. He talked to me. Another student who has been going downhill maybe let me convince him that his wonderful comedic personality was fodder for a genius project. He spent the period showing me a few of his favourite comedians. He was not growling at me from under his hoody about his headphones.

Yeah, today I was winning.

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