Music by DL?

If I am going to live up to my 365 days of blogging, I’ll have to keep this short- I’ve only got 15 minutes before midnight left. We were happy to take in a Hedley concert tonight in Prince George. The concert consisted of three opening acts and the main event.

One thing that kept crossing my mind was the lack of music education in our school. We had a band room put in when the addition to the school was added. But like many other thing (adequate library time, field trips), our little town can’t seem to find a band teacher, or afford a band program.

I keep thinking this is one of subjects that we need to deliver in a blended fashion. We have video conference equipment, we have skype. Can’t we figure out how to engage students in a music program that is DL?

For me, the goal of this drive to technology use is support just this kind of innovation, rather than to replace programs in our school. We should focus on the holes, and right now, the big hole in our school is music.

Is anybody doing this? How is it going?

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