It was the simplest thing

It was the simplest thing. Period one. All we did was do some vocabulary work. Conservationist, venture, capital, stakeholders, marine terminal. We are preparing to do some current events work with the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline. The route is near out town. We talked, we laughed, they had aha moments, they learned, they were engaged. They constructed their own understanding. We did a quick exit quiz at the door when the bell was ringing. It was so invigorating. Status of the class: bonded, communicating, ready to take the next learning steps.

It was the simplest thing. Period 4.  All I did was take them to the library for some online work. The place was crowded, and students split off, found friends. I had to make them sit elsewhere when they did no work. Some of the computers wouldn’t load the virtual museum. Three students got silly, threw a couple of books, argued. Some students copied. Two slipped out before the bell rang. Learning – entirely questionable. It was so frustrating. Status of the class: relationships shaky, focus lost, need to rebuild.

Some decisions that seem so simple can have incredible consequences. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes….

In either case, that’s Monday’s job. Well, Sunday, when I go in to do some planning.

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