Sick and tired, and Keep Moving Forward!

Sick and tired. I experienced the perfect storm of circumstances – sick kids (mine), sick kid (friend’s), sick kids (students). Stress, both personal and professional. A couple of bad nights of sleep and by this morning, voila!, chest cold and headache. I went to school so I would not miss out on my double block of Grade 8s. Of course, I also can’t prep 5 hours of teaching and instructions for my TOC in an hour, from my house.

I came home at noon to lay on the couch, drink tea, and ignore the twitter frenzy over something else I am sick and tired of.

Bah, that’s another post, maybe.

Something that went right, this week:

My Grade 8s have been dealing with some pretty ugly issues. We had a long conversation. I didn’t have any answers, but at least I could acknowledge their feelings. We got out a piece of flip chart paper. While we listened to some of their favourite music and hung out, one student wrote a title “Make the world better” on the banner. Graffiti-style, they wrote down some ideas for how we can make a better world. Here were some of their ideas:

  • Protect the weak
  • No more drugs
  • Forgive people their mistakes
  • Educate people about the effects of alcohol and drugs
  • Be yourself
  • No more wars

It was powerful, and necessary. We connected, communicated, processed.

Lest I get too full of myself, today’s class was less stellar. Maybe because I was sick and tired, or maybe because I was pushing for quality and hard work, and they were pushing for, well, not that.  Maybe because of both.

Anyway, it is important to keep moving forward. Failure, success, no matter which, keep moving forward:

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