#NothingButPositiveTweets Blog

Okay, a nothing but positive blog post, via John Stumpenhorst, The Nerdy Teacher‘s advice that we tweet nothing but positive tweets this week.

Today, I had a great, if somewhat chaotic, chat with students about the economy (the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, currency, medium of exchange, subsistence, trade economy, status goods, monopoly). This will set us up to study the trade networks in use in BC prior to contact. It was fun – I like to see them learn the language of my subject area, and apply it to their own lives. The status goods in our town- a big truck with a couple of sleds on the back, brand name clothing, iPhones.

We have a fabulous group of students working to put together STAAR Day -Students Taking Action Against Racism. Today, they met with the local newspaper – the excitement is building. Wow, that is going to be quite the day! Five hundred students at an all-day event. Yay, diversity! Here is a jpeg of a logo one of our students (Rachael) created by ‘just fooling around’. Awesome.

I loved teachers marching together downtown with vibrant signs saying, Kids Matter, Teachers Care. Support Public Education, and Support Education, Reduce Incarceration! We had a lot of supportive honks!

I had a quick check in with a parent and student in the grocery store today – a proud student sharing that she ‘had made it’ (not failed). Now, to push her even further toward success. I love that kid!

That felt great. Maybe I’ll stick with this trend for the rest of the week.

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