Real Education Improvement Actions, Part One

Here is my Bill- Education Improvement Actions That Work

Act One: Deep, not Drive-by, Professional Development (or what teachers are already doing all over the place)

a. The Travelling Road Show: There are some amazingly innovative and inspiring educators in our province – around the world, in fact. They have so much to offer. In my teaching practice, I have been lucky to learn from some of the best – Adrienne Grear, Layton Schnellert, Faye Brownlie are a few that have changed my practice because I have been able to listen to them several times, I was able to buy their books, and other teachers in my building had the same opportunity. It improved my practice as an educator by leaps and bounds. The Ministry of Education needs to get educators like these into every District.

b. The Network for Performance Based Schools is another effective way to improve education. Taking on this project with one of the colleagues in my building was great Pro-D and I have used that learning over and over in my classroom.

c. The Travelling Road Show, II – Hire teacher-leaders to take their practice to other teacher’s classrooms. Look around the District. Find teachers that are engaging in innovation. Get them out of the classroom for a year or two and have them become co-teachers with other willing teachers. People want to learn, but we learn best in concert with other teachers. We can’t figure this out in isolation. We need time and we need each other.

d. Collaboration time in the timetable.

e. Informal PLNs – support educator ‘book clubs’.

Blah, blah, blah – I feel like I am pointing out the obvious and I am wasting my time.

Real education reform comes from autonomous educators engaging in deep collaboration with other educators.

It costs money.

It takes hard work and focus, and we are wasting a lot of time and forward momentum right now because the government has decided to solve problems with the wrong tool. This didn’t need to happen this way.

I know there are issues in the system. However, how we choose to create change can make all the difference. We can inspire with our leadership, or……

We’ll shake off this demoralizing attack on our profession and get back to work because we don’t know how to do it any other way. However, I am not underestimating the damage this has done to morale. A lot of teachers aren’t feeling inspired by their leadership right now. Too bad. This job is complex and we need everybody on the same team.

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