Digital footprint, or digital detritus?

Hmmmm….. not sure I am quite as savvy as it would lead you to believe. Here’s the link to the quiz.  I had some ‘once-in-a-whiles’ that probably got me more credit than I deserve. Some aspects of technology have definitely become normalized in my classroom. A teacher-on-call that had been in for me last month commented on the integration of technology in my room. I had to ask her what she meant. Over the course of the day, she had handed out ipods, sent students to the lab to retrieve work off my websites, showed a video on YouTube, and had students surfing the net for news items. I suppose the fact that I barely notice it as unique means that it is integrated and working. Nothing here is forced.

When I try to force some new Web 2.0 tool, it is abandoned, or not as useful as I had hoped.

I am still working on the production side of technology integration, as opposed to the delivery side. That is, how students show their work digitally is still fairly limited. They might do a glogster, or create a comic. They might hand in work to me via email. They might create a video. However, it still feels a little contrived because many of these products are lost in cyberspace as the years go on. I suppose that instead of creating a digital footprint, they are creating digital detritus. I think the idea of a blog or some other type of e-portfolio, where they show-case or at least collect their work is the answer.

This is something to work on, for sure, but again, it needs to make sense.

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