Apparently, I need a deadline

I decided to blog every day in January. Of course, I knew then, and still know, that my profession does not really have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to time. Well, no wiggle room. There is no way to be done because there are always a dozen things you’ve shoved to the bottom of the to-do pile. You are never really without work.

If I was going to be successful at this endeavor, blogging was going to have to stay on the top of the pile.

True enough, I found it very hard, although very rewarding to produce a piece of writing every single day. It was taking time away from my family and away from my job. However, I found the positives were outweighing the negatives, so I persevered up to somewhere in the neighbourhood of blog 70 in the middle of March.

Then, I got very, very bogged down by the Provincial Government’s approach to “bargaining” with its teachers. Very bogged. Down. Stressed.

The blog was becoming part of the weight I was carrying. I couldn’t imagine having to write every day of my Spring Break, which was fast approaching. I abandoned the project in favour of sometimes blogging, but sure enough, the darn blog fell to the bottom of the to-do list, along with the other twelve items that didn’t get done.

Apparently, I need a deadline.

(The whole issue of deadlines is another blog post. I have very flexible deadlines. I am supposed to assess what students have demonstrated, not take off marks for poor student behaviours like not getting something done in a timely fashion. However…..)

So here is my new plan. I will blog, for sure, once a week, by Friday. I will also add in to that number as I have items to share. Okay. So. That means I have at least 39 more blogs before I hit my one year anniversary. That seems do-able. I will also write one original tweet of my own every day. That in itself is a small writing project, so that counts, too, right?

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