Quick, find some numbers!

I glanced at next week’s calendar and was shocked to realize my interims for the first four weeks are due on Wednesday, by 8:30. It’s too soon, but there it is on the calendar.

When I read the date,  I had this frisson of panic. Did I have anything to report? Numbers, I thought. How will I have numbers by Wednesday??

Geography 12 -relatively easy. We finished a unit, we had a unit test, but the writing we are working on is only in the development stages.

However, my Humanities 8 and 9 classes are really only starting to roll toward a product I could assess. We have been working on building community, we went on a field trip to the local Historic Park, we have lost a few blocks to school-wide events, we have been setting up routines. Of course we have been working on content, as well. We have dealt with some great content, as a matter of fact.

These are full-year courses, so there is not much to say yet.

I thought to myself in panic, I have two days to get some kind of number!!!

Wait a minute.

This is a trap, an old, rusty, and dangerous trap.

I remind myself that I have said to the students about five times, “We are not filling in pieces of paper, we are becoming educated!!” I know this, I believe this, I am completely confident with how the classes have been running, and yet, all of a sudden I am wishing for neat stacks of filled-in pieces of paper with numbers so that I can press a button and get some data.

Sigh. Real change is hard. Thankfully, during a lunchtime read through my Twitter feed I came across Chris Kennedy’s blog, and it reminded me that I am on the right track.

We are not filling in pieces of paper. We are not doing busy work. We are learning, and we are getting to know each other. There will be information on the interim about how the students are doing. However, numbers will have nothing to do with it, not this early in the process.

How I wish there would never be numbers.

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