Kindle and Immersion Reading


Immersion copy

I have been noticing that the audio books I have been purchasing lately from Audible have something called Whispersync  for Voice. The idea is that you can listen to your audio book on a device and then sync it on your Kindle, so you read on from where you left off.

When I looked into it, I found the above description for immersion reading. Not only would it sync across devices, but you could read along with the fabulous narration of the audio version. 

I was pretty excited by this. That’s an understatement; my heart just about burst with excitement. I quickly ordered my first Kindle last week to try it out in my classroom. Was this the technology we have been waiting for? Good books, read well, supported by text, for reluctant readers, learning disabled readers, readers with comprehension issues?

It arrived Friday, and I spent several hours this weekend trying to get a book set up for a student..

When it didn’t work, I called the company to get support. After several transfers back and forth between and, it turns out we can’t do this in Canada at this point.

The Kindle Fire HD I just bought doesn’t have that feature enabled. Even if I bought a Kindle Fire from the US, which I then tried to do, it still wouldn’t work here.

So, now we wait. I hope it doesn’t take long. I haven’t been this excited about a technology for students for a long time. It seems so easy, so right.

I guess it won’t be a complete waste of time and money. I am going to bring it tomorrow with both the Audio and Kindle book loaded for a student tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Kindle and Immersion Reading

    • No, I haven’t done any further work on this here. I am going to tweet this blog out, though, and see if anyone else has got answers. Thanks!

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