“Not easy to stay firm”

I went out yesterday, with hope, and bought a few back-to-school clothes I couldn’t afford. Sadly, it was with the kind of hope that I have when I buy a lottery ticket. It’s fun to think about the things I’d do, and the people in my life I could help, but I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the big one.

Similarly, I have no real expectation of returning to school in my shiny new clothes for at least three weeks.

Recent evidence reconfirms my sense of things. In Michael Smythe’s interview with Minister Fassbender on August 21st, I found some, I don’t know, code, for why I feel so concerned that there has never been a political will on the part of the Government to negotiate a deal. It seems they are holding out for something, have always been holding out for something.

Fassbender says, “We have to change the way we do business. And when you do that, and when you take a leadership on wanting to do that, it is not a comfortable place to be.”

Here’s another quote from the interview from Fassbender; he says, “…my goal is to change the paradigm so we are not back into that cycle, and it is not easy to go there, not easy to stay firm.” 

Of all the topics that came up in the interview, this is the one that snagged my attention. Kept snagging my attention.

What is the paradigm shift? What is Fassbender staying firm on?

Fassbender refused to give the deadline for when he will bring down the (surely already planned, the date already in place,) “solution” to this conflict.

Yes, he’s going there. But where is there? What will this all look like when Fassbender has achieved his agenda?

Could someone in the media please ask him. If he doesn’t answer, ask again. Keep asking.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe there is hope. Maybe I’ll go buy a lottery ticket, too. See how it turns out.

One thought on ““Not easy to stay firm”

  1. I love your eloquent, witty style my so-very-valued colleague. You hit the nail firmly on the head: The only reason any one of us is still on the strike line is the thought of that “hidden agenda” you mention – and how it will hurt our students!

    Many thanks for this

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