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Jordan Shapiro; Global Education and Skill Forum

I watched an engaging talk by Jordan Shapiro that discusses game-based learning. What he is really talking about is powerful learning. He’s a humanities teacher, and states; “I honestly hope that my students learn nothing….No-thing. No things….Education is about ideas…I don’t teach things.” It reminds me of something that I always put at the top of my …

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Kindle and Immersion Reading

  I have been noticing that the audio books I have been purchasing lately from Audible have something called Whispersync  for Voice. The idea is that you can listen to your audio book on a device and then sync it on your Kindle, so you read on from where you left off. When I looked …

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Doing my homework. Thanks, Glen.

I think. This is, as Glen called it, a ‘meme thingy’ being circulated around the twitter/blog-verse and it works like this: Post 11 Random facts about yourself Answer 11 questions asked by another Provide 11 questions that you ask to another 11 people in your PLN (professional learning network) So, 11 random facts about myself. …

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In search of a new assessment

This year I had the privilege of teaching a History 12 class at our school. I get the course about once every three years. Our school is shrinking and this means we often don’t have enough students to run a section of the course every year. In BC, this course is 20th Century World History. …

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Adapting, not adopting

I appreciate this description by Noah Finklestein of why it is important to tailor good ideas to meet the needs of a community. It creates ownership and is more likely to succeed because it is shaped by the people who know the students and their needs.

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Teach less, teach more, do both

As usual, the twitterverse led me to various places of discovery and thought in the field of education this weekend. On the one hand, I was exhorted by Grant Wiggins to back off, to teach less, in order to give students the autonomy they need to apply what we have taught them. Then again, E.D. …

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Voices Visible: BCTELA’s writing contest for students

Looking for an authentic writing experience for your students? Here is the information on the BCTELA contest: I was unable to upload these documents onto the BCTELA website this morning, so I am temporarily linking them here so we can get the contest going: 2012-2013 Voices Visible Rules and entry form -  REVISED! BCTELA WRITING-CONTEST-Secondary PDF BCTELA …

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Audio book as an art form

I have been sitting and staring at a blank page, and toggling back to Twitter, Facebook, and BBC news for the past thirty minutes. Let’s be honest; I have repeated this useless process several times in the last couple of months. I have been somewhat distracted by… work. I know I have a lot to …

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Authentic Writing – YWP and NaNo

It’s been a while since I took the time to write. I have been swamped since I decided to take the NaNoWriMo challenge with a few of my Grade 8s.   Our school recently switched to a linear Humanities in Grade 8. Because I get the students all year for English and Social Studies, I …

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Options for discussion

Here are the links I have received so far for discussion today: Assembly of First Nations AGM 2010, Murray Sinclair and the Truth and Reconciliation commission speech. Problem Finders Mind Up

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