A mosaic or a pile of tiles?

The compassionate. Thy shy. The cynical. The idealistic. The interested. The uninterested. The silent. The absent. The chatty. The texters. The  quick processor. The readers. The non-readers. The slow processor. The thinker. The disrupter. The writers. The friends. The invisible. The non-writers. The creators. The pleaser. The enemies. The perfectionist. The drama king or queen. The late-comers. The sleeper. The minimalist. The lawyer. The skipper. The distracted. The open. The carefree.

A class.  Trying to become community. The stakes are high. Get it right, and the group can do something real, become more than the sum of its parts. Stumble along, and at best we will cover the material, while individuals interact primarily with me through their writing and one-on-on conversation.

An orchestra? Or a cacophony?

A mosaic, or a pile of tiles?