A few student Bitstrips on Genius Hour

We have been working on Genius Hour for about 4 class periods. Last day, I asked the students to create a Bitstrip explaining what they had been up to, and what they have planned for the future. I will be including it in a report home this week. I purchased two classrooms through Bitstrips for Schools. It cost me about $134 or so for 12 months for two classes of 40. It feels a little steep, but the students really love it. As well, I firmly believe that we do have to pay for the work of folks out in cyberspace. The upside is we get to avoid advertising, lurkers, and I have access to all their work, their passwords and can set up assignments for them to complete. I have used it for vocabulary work, reports, and explaining a concept.

Let’s be honest – I have also used it last block on a Friday before a major holiday, when the kids are jacked up on sugar and I am flat out exhausted. That’s worth $130 dollars right there!

It is somewhat cheaper to get the whole school signed up. About $500 for our school, and then we would have unlimited classrooms. Maybe next year.

I look forward to digging deeper into what is possible. I really love the avatars the students create for themselves – it’s a great giggle. (I #love2teach)

I have decided that instead of getting the students set up on a blog, I am going to use this format of reporting out over the rest of the semester. With Bitstrips for Schools, the students can share their comics with each other.



You can tell Levi is a wonderful comedian already – check out that avatar!