Cruising the news – non-fiction silent reading hour

Today, it felt like a snow day, without all the shovelling to get out of the driveway. A lot of students were missing. All the PE classes were up at the ski hill. The Grade 10s were in PG at a career fair. I spent an hour working on the Social Studies website for our school. I  continued to build a page for students to access the news media.

During English classes at our school, we usually provide students time in the week for independent reading. I want to give students in English, but also in other courses like Science and Social Studies, an opportunity to read current events. I included a template for them to use. The idea is that in the top box, they record where they surfed and a brief summary of the articles they read. In the lower box, they dig a little deeper into one they found interesting. So far, the method seems to be working. They have to keep surfing and reading even when they are done writing, until the hour is over.

I like that it is differentiated and gives students some choice in where they go. Other than the accountability piece, it is the way we read our news these days. In a town like ours, where very little print media is available, it could be a nice addition.

Check it out – FSJSS Social Studies Website News Websites. 

Also, if you have any other suggestions for websites, please let me know.