I’m thinking a lot about resilience. Resilience in the face of disabilities, death, trauma, bullying, illness, disappointment. How can we get students to, at least some of the time, turn away from crisis and focus on building for the future.

I talk to kids who are slipping about not adding failing school to the other problems they are trying to cope with, not always very successfully. If I can’t get them back through the door of my classroom, I can’t help them feel successful, part of something, supported. Other supports kick in.

I am also thinking about resilience in the face of an academic task that is challenging. Is it my imagination, or have the students I work with become less resilient? I have quite a few irons in the fire to work on this; goal setting, metacognition, reflection, autonomy, clear criteria and feedback, and engagement.

This last year, my own resilience has been an issue. Teachers face trauma along with the students.

I have also been beating back some cynical rage. I remember feeling so shocked early in my career by some educators. Good educators, who were sick to death of reforms or other policies coming down the pipeline, who were unwilling to spend another minute on it and had retreated back to their classrooms and shut the door.

I am starting to understand that behaviour. But. I am keeping my door open. I will keep my door open, and my heart and mind engaged in this fabulous, frustrating, exhausting, challenging, exciting, messy profession. It’s not about them. It’s about us, our school and all its wonderful staff, the students, and the teaching and learning we do together.