10 things teachers need to keep doing

I don’t have a lot of time. I already worked 11 hours today and if I stay up any later, I won’t make the gym in the morning. I feel the need for a list of imperatives that reminds me to look after me, too:

Our job is very challenging. Don’t forget to keep:

  1. laughing
  2. spending quality time with immediate family
  3. exercising
  4. eating well
  5. visiting your family and old friends
  6. taking time for yourself
  7. getting out in nature
  8. sharing chocolate, or sushi, or coffee, or whatever you love (those are my favourites!)
  9. developing your passions
  10. getting enough sleep

Don’t “Yah, but…” me! Try to do some of this every week! Yes, I am talking to myself – a sure sign that today has been long enough.