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Lessons from the gym

I go to a great gym in my town three to four days a week at six in the morning. I credit it, and its owner, Scott, with making my life more manageable. Almost every time walk out of there I am feeling flexible, strong, and mentally ready for the day. I love it. In …

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Extra-curricular volunteer time hard to come by

The issue of teachers and extracurricular activities is of course a topic of conversation in BC now. Teachers are struggling with ways to fend of the attack on their hard-won collective rights. Some are considering, long and hard, and with considerable strain, the removal of our volunteer work at the school. The idea is that …

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BC ED Plan Advertisement or a boot to the head

So the script (narrative) for the advertisement I ran into (while streaming CTV shows I missed) goes something like this: BC teachers are doing a very good job. BUT. Our students deserve the best to prepare them for a changing world. How students learn has changed. We need to change our teaching practices to meet …

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