I #love2teach blog

I #love2teach because I want to do something that matters. Schools matter, students matter, education matters, helping students become members of the global community matters.

I #love2teach because we get to learn so much together. I get to watch students grow up. I get to see who they are and what matters to them.

I #love2teach because I get to deal in ideas all day long, about how we learn, about who we are, about what matters, about what it means to be alive.

I #love2teach because I am never bored.

I #love2teach because I get to work with amazing educators. I learn so much from their heart and passion.

I #love2teach because you go to the drawing board every day to find solutions.

I #love2teach because even when I am in tears at the end of a hard day, it is worth it.

I am not all Polly Anna about this. I #love2teach, but it is damn hard work. I need to be ready to come back each time with fresh answers, even when I have tried everything I know. I work long hours, sometimes sacrificing my health and my time with family. I don’t always know if I got through to a student or made a difference in their lives. I often feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants, and I get tired of it. I mess up. Still, I #love2teach and am proud to be employed as a teacher.

I will need to keep learning as I go. I will not find answers by myself. (That’s part of the fun, actually.) I #love2teach.