Wait for it…

Wait time has always been one of my big challenges.

I sometimes feel useless while I wait for them to complete something. I have to talk myself away from the front of the class and give them the space to think.

I feel the need to use every moment of the period. It sometimes gets in the way of hearing from my students. I am working hard on relaxing so I can have time to communicate with them more about their lives. The pay offs are always tremendous, but I feel a huge responsibility to teach, push, cajole, organize them, work. Kind of my training as a kid, I think.

Right now, I am waiting on a group of boys. I have given my Grade 8 Humanities class a Genius Hour once a week. We are in to it three hours. I am working hard to give them time to find a passion project. If I intercede too quickly, they won’t own it. How long do I give them? Maybe their process just looks different, and they’ll come up with something more creative than the students who launched project immediately.

I am uncomfortable waiting – which is sometimes what happens when we are learning. We’ll see how it goes. Any advice is welcome.